October 4, 2018
Cavalli, Cultura, Holiday, Storia

Scheduled for Saturday 20 October 2018. On 20 October 2018 the extraordinary Palio di Siena, dedicated to the centenary of the end of the First World War, will be run.

The “Contradas” that were chosen by lot on Sunday, September 30th are the following:
Torre (Tower), Lupa (wolf), Chiocciola (Snail), Oca (Goose), Drago (Dragon), Tartuca (Turtle), Selva (Wood), Civetta (Owl), Nicchio (Shell)  and Giraffa (Giraffe).
It will therefore be an autumnal Palio to be discovered, with the city ready to relive the summer atmosphere of the previous editions .. with a very special and fascinating taste as always. Do not miss this exciting career.

The presentation, selection and allocation of horses to the individual Contradas must be made on the morning of the third day ahead of the Palio, both for ordinary races (29 June and 13 August), as well as for extraordinary races (in the case of this Palio will take place on the morning of October 17th).
In the early morning the owners present their horses and put them at the disposal of the Municipal Administration.
Then the horses take part in the batteries to be chosen by the Captains, after having passed the careful visit of the Veterinary Commission. The ten selected horses are assigned to the Contrade by drawing lots.