Visit Chianti – Read. Look. Discover. The best way to live the Chianti

What is VisitChianti?

VisitChianti is the back of a postcard, the stories of the places and people that have lived in these wonderful hills for centuries.

VisitChianti is the information portal that tells the best of Chianti through stories, ideas and suggestions. Events, attractions and everything you need to know about this area, to stay up to date.

Between a glass of wine and a great dish, a bike ride or a horseback ride, a shopping at the market and a mysterious legend, visitChianti takes you on a journey of three hundred and sixty degrees in space and time. Between nature and culture, visitChianti was born to read, look but above all to discover the dreams that come to life among the Sangiovese grapes.

A portal to promote the area, open to everyone, to discover everything you always wanted to know with a simple click.